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(BSE) British School of Egypt School Visit (May 2014)
As part of S.P.A.R.E's on going "awareness" and "out reach" campaigns in spreading the empathy, understanding and information regarding animals and their sufferings in our community, S.P.A.R.E is proud to yet again collaborate with another school; British School of Egypt
A school dedicated to raising the "awareness" of their charges regarding animal welfare and humane treatment.

S.P.A.R.E, headed by Noor Diab, carried out three awareness sessions with 3 classes.
It went extremely well and the students where extremely interactive throughout the sessions, with "Q n A's" etc.
Of course, Tango; one of S.P.A.R.E's mascots, who was "enthusiastically" welcomed, helped in spreading the knowledge and message of his brethren.

S.P.A.R.E hopes that more and more schools, both public and private, turn to "awareness" of their students and hopefully the children will spread what they have gained to their families and communities.

Children are our future.



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