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This is Yakout such lovely and kind heart dog was saved and rescued by madame May from S.P.A.R.E found him in the street he was beaten and his head was banged on the gound by some crasy kids, when she rescued him we thought he was going to die after minutes and that he had an internal hemorrhage.because he was not moving at all for hours , this was the result of the trauma.after few weeks he started to act normally now he is adopted by Tanja and he look s great

Remon and Luna
S.P.A.R.E names were Koka and Sultan but now they are luna and Remon .Koka was so young poor kitten was thrown in front of S.P.A.R.E shelter gate in very cold weather at morning .She was so little in size screaming and very hungry .But she was rescued by S.P.A.R.E team and opened for here new way of life.The same with Sultan who was thrown also with Koka on the gate of shelter .They brought up together and grow in shelter .After visit of our volunteer Kristin from Austria and while here visit , she fall in love with both of them especially with Koka and she traveled back to here home and Koka was here waiting for warm home in the cold weather ,The same with the beautiful persian Sultan .They spent together more time until Kristin came back in last june and finally both of cats found a warm , happy home with good people who can give them real love and attention.No more hunger , no more cold times and that was a real success story for S.P.A.T.E to save life for two of beautiful animal on our Egyptian lands and open for them way of happy future .Thanks for everyone who gave them love and care .

Rescued Horse
These Horse last 6-2011 was sent by Police station in Abu el nomros because it was stolen from his owner . The horse had very bad condition , he was severly starved and emaciated .we here in S.P.A.R.E checked him and gave him medications and we looked after him .He stayed in S.P.A.R.E for more than 5 months and finally his owner came back and picked the horse with him with much pleasure and happiness to see him .

Nar's Story is one of many successful stories as she was rescued by S.P.A.R.E team from some people who wanted to abuse here and pure on here body an acid .But God wish was different that she came to our shelter and lived an happy life .Finally Nar found a wonderful home with so kind lovely people around here in Holland . Now Nar live and enjoy with other lovely dogs there . Thanks for everyone helped in saving Nar's life and providing here happy home.

Every animal that we help inside and outside the Shelter is a miracle: we learn so much, both emotionally and as caretakers, vets and animal activists from each animal that comes our way.
The following cases were the most challenging ones we had to deal with; they are the landmarks of some of our most rewarding moments.
We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts, and offer our deepest gratitude and love, to every single person who helped us in our endeavor to save these truly remarkable animals who fought for their lives against all odds.


Butch squeezed himself between two iron gates trying to follow his owner out of the garden. His spine wasn’t broken, but his nerves were affected.
Since S.P.A.R.E. is the only shelter taking in handicapped animals, the owners came to us for his treatment and later let us keep him since they couldn’t take care of him.
Butch was a very challenging and heartbreaking case. The usual decisions for vets faced with such a case is to put the animal down, something we simply don’t accept at S.P.A.R.E. We try to find every which way to save the animal before it’s necessary to make this decision.

Our first mission was to help Butch come out of his depression. The poor thing was dejected – he simply couldn’t face the fact that he couldn’t use his hind legs anymore. He also missed his owner very much. Eventually, though, Butch built a very special and beautiful bond with his keeper Mohamed. And rightly so: Mohamed, after hearing me discuss with our vet how we would possibly get Butch a wheelchair, ended up building a very primitive one two days later. That was a great surprise for us, and made Butch a very happy dog.

Later on, after putting his story online through the Best Friends Network in the US, Eddie Wheels donated a wheel chair to Butch.
Butch was also adopted by a loving family in Germany, where he was also going to get treatment, since there is no experience with handicapped animals with spinal injuries in Egypt.
Sadly, however, Butch passed away before he left to Germany.
It was incredibly heartbreaking for us to lose him; but we were by Amina Abaza Butch was a very special case for us and he will be terribly missed.


We named her Azhar (flowers in Arabic) because she came to us in Spring: we all willed her to blossom into the beautiful dog that she eventually did.

Azhar was brought to the Shelter by one of our dear friends, Hazem Metwally, who spotted her in Beni Youssef (around the Giza district).

He called us in shock and sadness at her state, and our dog catchers went to pick her up straight away. They had a hard time finding her but finally after an exhausting search Hazem and Yasser found her and brought her back to the Shelter.

None of us could believe the state she was in – it was heartbreaking. People are already afraid of dogs: we couldn’t imagine the reactions to her state, or the terrible cruelty she must have endured.

Azhar went through intense treatment with vet Dr.Mostafa, and everyone at the Shelter was at her beck and call: we did everything we could to accommodate her, and she was quiet and compliant through it all.

Her transformation today takes our breath away – she’s happy and healthy, but she still likes to sit alone, thinking. We know that it will take her time to come out of her little shell – and her transformation will be complete.


Doris suffered from terrible mange.
This is Doris, beautiful Doris.
She was found by one of our members.

She had terrible mange, and was in such bad condition: very weak, she was bit in several places, and could hardly stand on her feet. When she was picked up, we thought she was a lost case.
But when she got to S.P.A.R.E. we had another opinion! We first work our utmost efforts and give all the chances, and the miracle happened and the abused, bad looking mal-nutritioned dog turned into beautiful Doris.

Doris is now a happy dog with her new family.
The blue tinted medication on her back is a topical antibiotic covering her wounds.
Months later, after intensive care and lots of loving attention, Doris is a completely different dog. Yes, the picture is the same dog who arrived at the shelter on the verge of death. The deep wound along her spine still requires treatment, but today Doris is a happy and playful dog.


Roumi's Story as told by Amina Abaza
This is Roumi. I found him in Giza, pulling a cart and barely able to walk. He was limping severely and was in terrible anguish; all the while the owner was completely oblivious to his pain and continued to beat him with a stick to edge him on!
I eventually discovered that his leg was broken for over a year and the owner continued to make him work with the broken leg. I decided to buy him immediately, and thankfully the owner relinquished ownership easily. Owners give us a really hard time letting go, on the most part.
I hired a truck and took him straight to the shelter where S.P.A.R.E.'s Chief Vet from The Donkey Sanctuary arrived on the scene. He took one look at his leg and said, "No way, I have to euthanize him...give him 3 or 4 days of happiness, good food and I'll be back to put him down after the 3 days are up".

I bought plenty of carrots, good food and gave Roumi a whole lot of love and care. Meanwhile, my husband asked his workers to start digging up a grave in anticipation for Roumi's burial.
Everything was perfectly organized, only Roumi didn't have quite the same plans! In fact he fervently decided to stay on this earth and put up one big fight! He recovered almost immediately, ate the carrots and all the food.
His leg started to look much better and the swelling subsided considerably. He also began walking in the farm, discovering and making friends with the other donkeys!
Chief Vet from The Donkey Sanctuary came after 3 days (as promised) and was agog with disbelief! He just couldn't believe his eyes; Roumi was healthy, happy and ready for a new chapter in his life.

Roumi now lives with us on our farm running free as every donkey should live. He has since realized that I was the person that rescued him from his torment and in return, he loves me with an intense passion and loyalty. It's pretty incredible.

Beauty feelt she is weak and is not very confident with humans. Nobody knows what happened to her, but it's evident that she has been VERY abused.

When Beauty arrived at the shelter, she had horrible mange and not even one hair on her body. Her skin was very irritated and she was itching until all her body was bleeding.

Here are her pictures before and after, she is almost cured now. :-)

A wonderful success story for Egypt, experienced and reported by our volunteer Ahmed:
“Yesterday in the midst of all the pain and the unknown future we Egyptians are going through after the 25th of January revolution, I came across a wonderful event, that truly inspired me and filled me with an amount of energy I have lost for quite a time. I met a donkey caregiver, who uses his donkey to help him gain his daily Income, he wakes up early in the morning at around 4 o'clock to walk the streets of Cairo and sell fava beans in a large metal pot placed in a cart and pulled by his white donkey; fava bean is a traditional dish that all Egyptians eat usually for breakfast. I had just bought some bread for my dogs from a traditional Egyptian bakery and I met this humble man at around 6 o'clock in the morning serving customers who had just bought their bread from the bakery. It was really cold but the heat of the fava beans pot blew a comforting warm breeze towards my face. I asked him for four pounds of fava beans, and while he was preparing the bags for me, the donkey moved a little, the man simply told him “hssssssss,” a common command used by all donkey handlers to stop the donkey from moving, and the donkey did stop, the man actually had a supporting basket under the cart to help lift the weight from the donkey’s back while standing. When the donkey moved, the basket supporting the back of the cart moved, putting all the pressure back on the donkeys back; the man laughed and said, "I'm only trying to help you." The man repositioned the basket under the cart, and the pressure of the cart was eased again from the donkey's back; to my surprise he was truly compassionate towards his donkey. As an animal activist, I told him please be kind to him.... and before I even finished my sentence he responded assertively, "He is my right arm, sir." I was blown away by the response, he expressively explained to me how his donkey means a great deal to him and that without his donkey he couldn't provide any food or shelter for his family and children. He went on explaining how the first thing he does in the morning before even having his own breakfast is to feed his donkey friend. He finally finished his illustration of loyalty by telling me, "They are just like us, he just can't speak our tongue," by then I had the stupidist smile you can imagine on my face, my facial muscles were literally aching! I thanked him and paid for my fava beans and asked him to keep the change and buy his donkey a treat. I went my way with the absolute conviction that people are kind and that love is prevalent within all our hearts, and I felt confident that Egypt’s future after the revolution is bright and full of exciting hope for both the Egyptian people and animals.”

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