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Latest News

الأستاذة أمينة أباظة
بدعوة كريمة من الأستاذة أمينة أباظة، ابنة المفكر الكبير ثروت أباظة ورئيسة الجمعية المصرية لحماية حقوق الحيوان، لحضور احتفال الجمعية السنوى بفندق هيلتون الزمالك، وجدت نخبة من المفكرين، والإعلاميين، والفنانين، ممن يهتمون بالرفق بالحيوان.

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Animals and Children; SPARE's constant awareness work

One of SPARE's main objectives is raising awareness regarding animal sentience and the importance of animals in Human life.
We had a fabulous day at Misr American College. SPARE was invited to raise awareness and having fun with the kids
We would like to thank Miss Melissa Moore and the entire school faculty for inviting us and for their kindness and compassion.

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SPARE commemorated by MIU - Media Students

SPARE was proud to be invited to and attend the graduation ceremony held at Misr International University for the Media and Mass Media Students a few days ago. A group of whom had chosen Animal Welfare Awareness for their graduation thesis.

SPARE was thanked for our long history and achievements in the animal welfare field, especially animal awareness in the media and towards children.

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SPARE a lifetime of commitment and dedication
Hello I saw a program on the SPARE organization in BBC Arabic and would like to commend you for the great work you are doing. My name is Franck and I work for the UN I worked also in Egypt but was mostly in Libya and Tunisia lately. I decided to make a recurrent donation per month ).

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YouTube with Reham Al-Sahli 90-minute program

يوتيوب مع ريهام السهلي برنامج 90 دقيقة عن الرفق بالحيوان لاحظوا اني دايما باشكر في زملائي و احاول اشهرهم مش اشتهر علي جثثهم هي دي الأخلاق اللي اتربيت عليها اعوذ بالله من الحقد و الخسة اللي مالية قلوب " الزملاء"

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Update on SPARE's retired Saqqara residents

Sharing pictures from our visit yesterday to SPARE's Donkey Sanctuary in Saqqara.

Many of SPARE's older resident rescue dogs and cats have been retired to Saqqara were they are living in big enclosures enjoying their retirements in the fresh air and sun.

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Women of Egypt

Amina Tharwat Abaza: Founder and president of the board of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE.) Abaza has a BA in French literature and she worked as an editor for several newspapers and magazines. She also worked for the Egyptian Satellite Television before dedicating her time for the protection of animal rights.

SPARE, the first fully Egyptian NGO for the protection of animalsí rights was founded in 2001. Abaza was elected Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day in October 2008.

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SPARE's Low cost/free Medical help

On a regular basis SPARE gets the opportunity to help, and encourage, farmers to care for their live stock and working animals - even companion animals - by providing low cost/ free medical help. This encourages the farmers, many of whom are under great financial burdens, to continue seeking medical care for their animals.

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A great announcement
A great announcement; SPARE is proud to announce that the Great Egyptian Celebrity; Samah Anwar will be visiting SPARE tomorrow from 12 onward. Incase any one would like to meet her, kindly visit from 12. She is an extremely kind animal lover who cares for so many stray animals, without seeking fame for her kind actions. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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Medical rescue case; Tala

Tala, a beautiful balady princess was rescued yesterday by a kind lady and came to SPARE for emergency treatment for her injuries. She was attacked by a larger dog. Her frail body was cleaned and her injuries treated and she was deflead and deticked and in a few days when she is stronger and healthier and her wounds healed, she will be Vaccinated.

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