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This Month's Animal Actor

Eddie, a.k.a. "Moose," 1990-2006
Breed: Jack Russell terrier
Breakthrough role: Eddie, Frasier (1993-2003)

Moose, a Jack Russell terrier, was the youngest of his litter. Evidently, he was quite a handful. His original owners complained that he constantly dug holes, barked and even climbed trees! Moose was sent to Los Angeles to Mathilde de Cagny of Birds & Animals Unlimited, a company that trains animals for showbiz work. Mathilde found him to be a very good pupil and ready for work. Moose spent eight years in the role of Eddie on the Frasier sitcom, often stealing the show from his human co-stars. After he retired, his son Enzo took over his role as Eddie. Moose also wrote an autobiography entitled My Life as a Dog with a little help from Brian Hargrove.

Arabic Films
El Shomo3 el Sawda (Black Candles)
One of the most famous Egyptian movies of all time, straight from the 60s. And the reason that, to this day, most German Shepherds are called Roy.

Arba3a fi Mohima Sa3ba (Four on a Tough Mission)
Ah Min Hawa (Oh Eve!)

A beautiful tale about life and love... with lots of dogs.

Bee Movie
Finding Nemo
The Little Mermaid
Lady and the Tramp
101 Dalmations
102 Dalmations
Kung Fu Panda

Mr Ed
Everyone's favorite talking horse from the 60s!

Mr. Smith
My Friend Flicka
Gentle Ben
The Brady Bunch
Married with Children

English Films
An old classic about a loyal dog. Everybody's childhood was with Lassie!

Hotel for Dogs
Black Beauty
King Kong
Old Yeller
National Velvet
The Wizard of Oz
Free Willy
Any Which Way But Loose
Any Which Way You Can
Tarzan the Ape Man

March of the Penguins
One of our favorite documentaries. It really shows the depth of animals' emotions. Beautiful narration by Morgan Freeman.

My Family and Other Animals
Nature: Extraordinary Animal Behavior
Animals Are Beautiful People
National Geographic – Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive
National Geographic – Really Wild Animals Totally Tropical Rainforest
Untamed and Uncut
National Geographic: Explore Your Mind - Animals
Predators of the Animal World
National Geographic: In the Womb – Animals
Animals: Friend of Food?
Jane Goodall’s When Animals Talk
Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series
Nature: Animal Minds
National Geographic – SuperCroc
Shelter Dogs
30 Years of National Geographic Specials
Big Dogs/Little Dogs
Animals in the Bible
Dealing Dogs
World’s Most Amazing Animal Rescues

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