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This Month's Top Link
The Humane Society of the United States

The studies on this page reveal the prevalence of acts of animal cruelty among the most depraved and malicious criminals in society.

Animal Cruelty, Serial Killers and Violence

Top Links

S.P.A.R.E. is an affiliated partner of WSPA. Their work spans across the globe, helping animals and animal welfare organizations all over the world.
Angeles-Hundehilfe is an animal welfare organization based in Germany that helps re-home animals from all over the world.

Mirtos Animal Project
The Mirtos Animal Project was established in 1999 by Elizabeth Van Doome Weert and Ineke Raue. Mirtos is a small coastal village in the south east of Crete.

Animals Australia
Animals Australia have helped change so much in regards to animal welfare in Egypt.

Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friends Animal Society has an extensive network that helps animals find great homes.

World Animal Day
Find out what World Animal Day is all about! S.P.A.R.E.ís Founder and President is the Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day.

The Marine Connection
The Marine Connection campaign against cruelty to all marine animals. They have been successful in several campaigns against dolphins in captivity in Egypt, especially in Sharm El Sheikh.

EMRO rescue and shelter Maus from the street.

Animal Welfare in Islam
A very important guide to how animals should be treated according to Islam.

Animals in Islam
An interesting and important website outlining the treatment of animals in Islam

National Geographic
One of the most important organizations worldwide. National Geographic, in all its medias, covers issues of importance and relevance on a myriad of topics.

Animal Planet
Animal Planet is indispensable to any animal lover.



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Renaissance rescue

Adopt donít shop

Dolphins in Captivity

Domain Horus
S.P.A.R.E's main sponsor
World Animal Day

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